Sammy Jo Bird

2016 INFR All Around Cowgirl

Sammy Jo Bird, 2016 INFR All Around Cowgirl

It was only a matter of time before Sammy Jo Bird added an INFR title to her name. She has qualified to compete at the INFR for 8 consecutive years since the age of 16. She is following in some very big footsteps with her dad being the legendary Sam Bird and her big sister Brittany Bird who was crowned All Around in 2013. Other notable family members that have won an INFR title are; Ted Hoyt, Dale Bird, Dustin Bird, Richard Bird, Spike Guardipee, and Ty St. Goddard. Now Sammy Jo’s name can be added to that prestigious list as the 2016 INFR All Around Cowgirl.

The 2016 rodeo season didn’t start out that great for Sammy Jo Bird. If we were to describe Sammy Jo Bird and her 2016 rodeo season in one word it would be, perseverance. She never gave up and continued to work on her horsemanship skills and with her horses throughout the season. It took the very last region rodeo for Bird to qualify in both events. Although the summer did not turn out the way she wanted it to, the odds suddenly turned in her favor with her being the only lady to qualify in two events at this year’s INFR. All Bird had to do was get at least one point to claim a coveted INFR title, which she did in the first round. Bird placed in the the Ladies Barrel Racing and ended up 7th in the average with a very tough group of competitors.

Bird states that she did not put as much pressure on herself as she had in previous years because she had a new found outlook on rodeo. “No matter what was going to happen I just wanted to keep a positive attitude, be happy that I was competing, and was able to do what I love to do.” She also stated that she tried to not think about winning the All Around even though she knew she most likely did after the first round. “It finally hit me when I was on the stage accepting my award, it was then that I realized how lucky I was to be there and how grateful and appreciative I am.”

Sammy Jo Bird is also an accomplished artist and her business is called Palomino Paintings. She tries to set her paintings apart by using eye popping colors and patterns. She likes to mix some of the old art styles with some of the new to create pieces that are very unique, distinctive, and appealing to the eye. Bird feels very blessed to be able to use horses not only in the arena but also on canvas, where her favorite animals are usually prominently displayed.

Bird is very excited and looking forward to the 2017 rodeo season. She is ready to season her new breakaway horse and keep using her positive attitude to face whatever challenges may come her way. If anything, we can definitely expect Sammy Jo Bird to use the virtue of perseverance to get her to the 42nd Annual Indian National Finals Rodeo and perhaps win another world title.